The safe utilization of dating applications among males who possess intercourse with males: a report protocol for the randomised managed test to assess an interactive web-based intervention to cut back high-risk sexual behaviours

The safe utilization of dating applications among males who possess intercourse with males: a report protocol for the randomised managed test to assess an interactive web-based intervention to cut back high-risk sexual behaviours

Note: the scholarly research results will likely to be calculated both in groups at standard as well as a few months (T1) and six months (T2) after standard

a the principal outcome is the regularity of condomless anal intercourse in past times a few months. The additional results are the frequency of group intercourse and chemsex, self-efficacy and attitudes toward condom usage, and regularity of as well as other STI screening

Information analysis

The constant results within the intervention and control teams during the 3- and 6-month follow-ups will soon be examined having a separate t-test, then contrasted utilizing a linear mixed-effects model aided by the intervention team because the covariate. Topic as random effect will be within the model if significant. In case there is set up a baseline imbalance, additional analysis is going to be done, with modification for the factors discovered become imbalanced. The intention-to-treat concept will be used, and all sorts of research topics will soon be within the analysis as randomised. The approach that is baseline-observation-carried-forward be applied for lacking values during the 3- and 6-month follow-ups. Model adequacy is likely to be verified by examining the standardised residuals for normality and constant variance.


The analysis is significant. Because of the appeal of dating app usage, as well as its linked sexual dangers, interventions marketing safe intercourse methods among dating app users are urgently required. Besides, illness can be alarming in Hong Kong. situations in Hong Kong strike the record extreme recently, with an increase of men that are young. The amount of new instances increased from 513 in 2012 to 725 in 2015 and 681 in 2017. Homosexual contact could be the major path of transmission. In 2017, significantly more than 60% caught the thru intercourse between males, weighed against on average 40% from 1984 to 2015. The above mentioned regional data delineate that infection caused by intercourse between males is the reason nearly all obtained diagnoses in Hong Kong.

A literary works review and meta-analysis declare that peer involvement in web-based intimate wellness interventions improves knowledge, attitudes and, to varying degrees, safe sex behaviours [45]. This will be the first interactive web-based intervention to specifically target MSM dating app users to the best of our knowledge. Unlike most wellness interventions, that victoria hearts are developed exclusively by medical providers, the proposed intervention may be produced by both health care providers and research individuals (dating app users) using a participatory design approach. The acceptability and feasibility of the intervention that is client-oriented hence assured. Eventually, the intervention is anticipated to enhance the health that is sexual of. Finally, although tremendous efforts have already been expended globally to avoid and STIs among MSM, this populace continues to be disproportionately suffering from both. The proposed intervention will subscribe to international and STI prevention methods.


You want to thank skip Kitty WY Choi from Sticky Rice appreciate, and Mr. LH Leung and Mr. KL Lee from AIDS Concern for the assistance with intervention participant and development recruitment.

Available of information and materials

The information sharing plans for the present research are unknown and will also be made offered at a date that is later.


Authors’ contributions

EPHC could be the concept detective associated with project and certainly will oversee the entire task. EPFC provides suggestions about the research design along with other methodological dilemmas for the task. WCWW, and JYHW provide good advice on research instruments and articles associated with intervention. EYFW and DYTF offer analytical help because of this task. All writers have now been associated with revising the manuscript and read and authorized the last manuscript.


The analysis ended up being funded by Research Grants Council (Early profession Scheme), guide quantity: 27607518. EPFC is supported by A australian nationwide health and healthcare analysis Council (NHMRC) appearing Leadership Investigator Grant (GNT1172873).

Ethics approval and permission to participate

The analysis had been authorized by Institutional Review Board associated with University of Hong Kong/Hospital Authority Hong Kong western Cluster (HKU/HA HKW IRB), reference quantity: UW 18–152. Electronic informed permission is supposed to be acquired for every study participants.

Consent for publication

Competing passions

EPFC has gotten research capital and honoraria to their institute from Gilead Sciences SL on /STI study outside the presented work. All the other writers declare they’ve no contending interests.


Publisher’s Note

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